Creating a library of useful shaders

Having been helped to solve some difficult problems with shaders, I can see how useful they are. But for most users, including myself, they are too hard to build.

So a library of useful shaders would be - well, very useful.

I’m happy to help compile it - I know of Andrew Stacey’s demo shaders, and I have a couple spacemonkey wrote for me, but do any of you have any shaders that do really useful or cool stuff? If you do, could you share, including a working demo that shows how to use it as simply as possible?

Thank you for taking that part @ignatz.

@Ignatz are you going to write tutorials on shaders near in the future, I’d love to learn more about them?

Ha, ha, wish I could. They are hard.

maybe one day.

@Saurabh I wrote ip something on shaders at

Thanks @Andrew_Stacey ill check them out.