Couple of Requests or Suggestions

Hi All,

Not sure if these have been implemented or not but - I would like:

  1. The ability to add our own application sprites to our code instead of the default system.
  2. The ability to split files into spritepacks which we could have in our DropBox folders for Codea. This is effectively subfolders - as I would like to organise my sprites into packages for specific code. It makes downloading etc faster as I have far too many sprites in the single Codea folder.

Hope you can help.



From an old discussion - not sure if it still works

Hi @West,

Thanks for the feedback, I had seen that before - but had admittedly forgotten it. But it doesn’t address what I was after. That only allows you to put in a spritepack on your pad - when you have a finished product. What I’d like to do is enable folders in the Dropbox app folder so that we can keep relevant sprites there for an app during development. When finished it can be packaged as a sprite pack before release. Until then you can chop and change your sprites at will quickly and easily. It just minimises the hastle and delays when you have a large Dropbox app folder for Codea full of my own and other graphic materials.

On the other point I think Zoyt was talking about changing the icon for the Codea app. Not your own little code packages that you are developing.

Thanks anyway,



What I did for Cofender was I made a subdir in Dropbox on my PC and moved all my stuff into that folder, then cleared it out and used the DropBox as a sprite pack. Wen I built it into a product, I created a Cofender.spritepack on the Mac, and copied all of the DropBox contents to that directory in Xcode. Wen I was done, I zipped the DropBox folder as, moved it to a different place and replaced all my old DropBox images.

Obviously, the was a sync or two in all that :slight_smile: