Cool Graphics

Hey All,

I am in a graphics class this semester and the professor has assigned a project due at the end of the semester. His only requirement is that he say “cool” when he sees it in action. So, my question y’all is:

What is a “cool” graphics project?
Note: extra points for any sort of 3D printing.

The reason I pose this question here is so I can get some ideas, rapid prototype them, and then port them to c++ openGL (or whatever else). I have been browsing the code y’all put up here and I have seen some really cool stuff, so I know y’all wont let me down.


maybe combine some posts here? e.g. take @mpilgrem’s labyrinth and draw it in 3d with my lighted cubes… that was my first idea when i saw his labyrinth. then walk through it. the code would be better if you draw the faces on your own and optimize the number faces with that. but using cubes could make it very easy to do and yoz could quickly see results.