Cook off - Going South - Migrating birds [Update: added gist installer]

My idea was to control some migrating birds going south in fall, a small video in progress. No heads yet :slight_smile:

Install: Paste this into an new project and run:

http.request("", function (c) 
end,nil, {useragent=""})

Please run it twice to get the images downloaded correctly the first run, no loading screen fixed yet. :slight_smile:

Edit: Added a skybox instead of a world sphere.

Edit: Latest video, see last post. Updated to download graphics from internet when run for the first time, hope that is ok @Mark?

Edit: Added tail feathers to the birds, that expand when the bird fly slow, and the birds that the player bird collides with follows the player, to create a flock of birds.

Code is available at:

Your link appears to be broken in two…

Yup, kill that space in the middle of the link and it works fine.

Nifty start.

yes, added a broken link, since the link above is just a big space for some reason?

Cool little flapping animation. Can’t wait to see where this goes

Added player control, when your bird collides with another bird it follows you, as long as the touch is ongoing.

Current code is here

A video that might not work here: :slight_smile:

it would be nice if you could base64 encode and load images, so that they could be included in the code. feature wish for codea :slight_smile: no images inckuded yet…

now time to do the christmas dishes…

Added tail feathers that are animated. Any idea why why videos cant be embedded in the forum?

@tnology They can be, it’s the same as you said in your comment, just it has to be a URL rather than

oh, now it works. maybe youtube needs time to encode the video first.

Updated the code on gist, now added a small intro screen, making the camera follow the flock of birds and making the flock bigger as you go, a bit inspired by the game Badland. Maybe will change the earth background sphere to something else, and add some obstacles, not sure yet.

just wanted to add that our cats love my game :slight_smile:


Update: Added a name to the game and some nicer transition between info screen and game

Created with the help of my 2 month old boy who didnt want to sleep all night. Yaaawn.

@tnlogy Personally, I think this is the best in the competition so far!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Wow… Looks very nice! (Many try adding some light shades of colors to the birds, similar to the colors in my game.)

Thanks, yes, maybe I’ll try that. my latest change is that I’ve been looking at adding some cloud formation, just a lot of meshes randomly positioned, looks quite nice.

I would like to generate some kind of landscape below, but let’s see what happens. Maybe I’ll put in some actual game events as well later on. :slight_smile:

Now none of us have a chance of winning. :slight_smile:

Very, very cool! Out of curiosity, is there a game aspect to it, or just sweet graphics?

@Zoyt, the theme / contest allows for there not to be a game aspect. He still fits the theme, and it’s really cool.

Although based on this quote Maybe I'll put in some actual game events as well later on. I’m thinking given more time he will turn this into a game.