Contributed code list on the wiki

I’ve extended the old Libraries page on the wiki to a more general “Contributed code”. Please add links to contributed code - listing them in the forum is great, but it’s hard to find programs by searching through threads here.

I think that people should also feel free to list other people’s projects there that have been announced in the forum. That is, if it’s made public here then it may as well be made public there. Please edit your code sharing posts if you do not want it listed there.

But please don’t ask for code not to be listed just because it isn’t polished. The purpose is to make it easier for other coders to see what’s possible in Codea and learn from each other, not that we have a repository of “perfect games” for people to download and play.

The link is at: I’ve put up some basic categories, feel free to ignore them!

Edit 2013-03-17 Link updated to reflect new location for wiki. Note that the contributions are now split in two with a separate Libraries page linked from the Contributed Code page.

Updated from start of forum to end of November. I then started to see posterous referenced including my own. On another icy day I may take a shoot at December.

Thanks @Ipda41001 for putting in that incredible effort! And thanks @Andrew for starting up the section.

It’s nice to have all that code all in one place. Thanks!


the link, “” Is dead. could you put up new link ? I’m trying to find, npryces “controller class” code.


.@llanyort Done. The wiki moved not long ago so there are some dead links around.

I also prefer all codes at once place or repository to get things found immediately when needed… cool stuff!

@abigailscotty this post is over a year old, could you please in the future retain from posting on old discussions unless you have something to contribute

@abigailscotty Thanks for your opinion and I agree that it would be nice if everything could be in one place. There are a lot of people trying to create a lot of information that will help the new coders, and to get them into a common area. But that’s harder than it sounds and a lot of the new coders don’t bother to look at it anyways. There aren’t any time limits on discussions, so if you want to make a comment on an old discussion, feel free to do so. There is a wealth of information and coding examples in past discussions, but that information seems to remain there because no one takes the time to look beyond the current forum page. If you have any comments on past discussions, don’t hesitate to do so. It doesn’t matter if you go back to the first discussion and make a comment because your opinion is just as important as anyone else’s here. @CodeaNoob There are no time limits.

@Dave1707 each time i see sby mumbling against ‘old post reviving’, i feel the same as you. But i dont make any comment to avoid long, useless debates! Also many people around seem to dislike old discussion revival. Anyway, imho, i support your pov.

While I have no blanket rule, I do find that additions to old discussions generally either don’t add anything, or assume that everyone is familiar with the preceding discussion. If someone has a genuinely new contribution then it does make it easier if they start a new discussion, perhaps referring back to the old one, but which is self-contained. It’s simply a matter of making it easy for others to join in.

So while I think CodeaNoob was a bit brusque, and I might have different reasons for saying it, I’d have to say that I’m in agreement with not resurrecting old discussions.

I concur with @dave1707 and @Jmv38 - I really don’t understand the objection to bumping old threads, especially if someone adds something new to it. Its hard enough to find info about a topic as it is. Surely having one long thread is better than multiple small ones purely to keep responses together in one place? :-/

IMO, I feel that reviving old threads is useless unless if you really have something significant to add to it. If you just posted “yeah me too” or something and bumped it all the way back to the top, I would have a problem with it. However, if you were the original poster giving an update, or you wanted to know what happened to an old project, that would be fine.

OK, I tell the real reason why I said what I said. The post @CodeaNoob was referring to was by @abigailscotty, her 2nd post on the forum. If I just started posting on the forum and someone told me not to do that unless I had something to contribute, I probably wouldn’t post another thing. This forum is for people to learn and they should be able to give their opinions and ask their questions about anything current or going back as far as they want (as long as it pertains to this forum) without being told they’re doing something wrong. Abigail, I hope you continue to post your comments and ask your questions, this forum is for everyone.

Well done @dave1707 - the voice of reason once more prevails. =D>

@andymac3d I will actually and would certainly get to know each other for building discussions to solve issues we have. cheers!