Construct 2

So i saw somebody post something about construct 2 (i dont know who it was)
I want to if anybody knows or use this program
Im looking to buy it but i dont know if its worth it

I did. I use to use it all the time. It’s not a real scripting language, though. It’s more of putting together peices that do some code. Their funtion functionally is very limited. To top it off, it uses HTML5, so it’s not as fast as Codea (unless you use Lucid, when it’s actually faster with WebGL accelleration). Anyways, I found it a great stepping stone for learning, but it’s not that great for making full games, in my opinion. If you’re looking for a place to start learning to code, it’s great. If you’re looking to make games, it works well for level based stuff, especially with the new tilemap feature, but Codea’s much better for indie games.
P.S. Please excuse any mistakes. I’m on my iPhone.

@Zoyt thanks!