Constantly Evolving Game (You decide!)

Hi All!

I thought about how game design and development could be developed through rapid prototyping. Why not let players COMPLETELY decide on how the game should evolve? Put the power in players’ hands!
(a) there’s some benefits of crowd-sourcing ideas and (b) players get to play a constantly evolving game!

“Your Town” is a prototype in this aspects. Through this forum, blogspot and FB, players can vote in new ideas on how the game should EVOLVE. (I will include a voting mechanism in the App itself in future updates). Players can decide what would be a new “cool” feature to add. The basic game took me 10 hours to code and has some basic fun elements borrowed from existing models. But this is just the start!

Every two weeks, we take in the top few player-generated ideas/feedbacks and change the game. Why two weeks? Well, two weeks is just enough time to get Apple to approve the updated version plus a little down time for me to code in the changes.

My hope is that this free game can demonstrate the possibility of developing games in a different way. There’s so much ideas out there, but not many can bring the ideas into reality.

Download the FREE app and CHANGE it now!:


A quick note on the Game. It’s currently a hybrid of triple-town and populous game elements. There’s some minor bugs (i’m working on it!) but it shouldn’t affect overall game-play.

Cool idea. I’ll try it.

This reminds me of an old mmo that I believe was ran by an MIT student. It was called a tale in the desert. The community could pass laws and add new game ideas. It was a really fun idea. As a player you felt that your voice really mattered.

Installing :slight_smile:

This is really sweet. Nice job!

Tks. I have some ideas on how to add-on and improve the game, but I am suspending all my ideas because it’s about everyone’s idea.:slight_smile: Let’s see where this goes!

I think it would be useful to describe the game a little on the App Store, to encourage downloads, ie the purpose of the game, and main features.

Nice idea, though! =D>

After completing the first level, decided to see what happens if you press the reset button at
the bottom. Had to start again. maybe you could fix it by saving the data in some way.

Just a few notes of things you should probably fix:

  • Uses the standard Codea Icon

  • On the home screen it is called “votetown” as opposed to “Your Town”

  • You should probably disable the buttons at the bottom unless you have a good use for them