Congratulations, you invented Atari.

So I’ve been playing with Codea, incrementally learning enough to have a mini game with a starfield background, random scrolling sprite enemies, and angry bird type bullets. I show my wife, who has no interest (and I know it) and she says, " congratulations, you invented Atari". So humbling, but so true.

I’m sorry - that’s high praise. Atari rocked.

I hope you will move onto Midway next, I’d love to see a Defender clone done with Codea.

Defender should be easy to do!

@Marksolberg - actually take the “congratulations” to mean, well done, your well on your way to creating some great games in the future.

Every artist has to start by learning (and copying) the basics, until you’ve mastered the basics you can’t start to develop your own style, so keep on keeping on!!

Thanks for the encouraging words. To be clear, her words were meant to be funny, and that’s how I took them.

I’ve finished off a pseudo version of Defender. Took 20 hours, so longer than expected. I still have a few things to work out from a UI perspective and I don’t like my controls…attached is a sample video of a few screens.

.@aciolino - outstanding! Looks great. Where can I buy a copy?

Heh - needs lots of polish before it can be sold :slight_smile:

I really need to so something re: the ship movement - it’s too jerky.

looks pretty good to me. Does that mutant at the end have a santa hat on!

Lol - I should add that!..done :slight_smile: