Confused about exporting to Xcode

For exporting a project to Xcode is the process still the same as in this tutorial from 2012?

I’m trying to figure out the whole exporting to Xcode, implementing iads, gamecenter, etc., and submitting apps to the ios store process, but there seems to be no recent tutorials for how to do it. I keep hearing that things have changed in the newer Codea releases, so I’m lost on how the process works.

Would anyone be able to give me a quick summary on the process of getting a project off of the ipad and into Xcode and working? This seems to be one area of Codea that has little to no documentation.

Would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Getting a project off the iPad and into Xcode?

  1. Long press on a project and select “export.”

  2. Fill In all the details.

  3. Save to Dropbox.

  4. Open up Dropbox on your Mac and open the .xcodeproj file in the folder Codea generated.

  5. You now have your Codea project open in Xcode.

Awesome, didn’t realize it was now that easy. Do I need to do anything with the Codea Runtime files I keep reading about? Or are they built in to the export now?

Thanks much!

Pretty sure there’ll all built into the zip file, everything is set up for you.

By the way, just a note on “didn’t realize it was that easy now,” the export has been this way for as long as I can remember.

@SkyTheCoder, it didn’t used to be in Codea, you used to have to copy your code, download the Codea Runtime, and link them together in Xcode.

Say you need to save an image using saveImage() in your app, would you still save it to Documents:--- ? If not, where?

That makes me think of another question, with images that I imported to documents, are those automatically exported with the project?

You guys are great, thanks

Yes, they come in an xcode asset folder. You can add more assets to the folder, but I don’t know if it works directly with your code (when you edit the lua code in xcode)

Got the exporting all worked out but the ios simulator is super laggy. I am trying to adhoc test with testflight and it is driving me crazy lol. It can never just go smoothly when it comes to making apps

Edit: Got it working in test flight and it runs perfect. Thanks guys

@Crumble The iOS simulator is laggy because it’s a virtual machine, it’s an unavoidable thing about Xcode.

@Crumble if you don’t mind a bit of manual setup, I’d recommend using the 2.1 beta Xcode export template project. It is going to be used in the next version.


You’ll need to change the names and project info to reflect your project name, as well as copy in your project.codea files.

@Simeon I would like to but I’m confused about how it all works. Only reason I managed to get everything to work is because the exporting in 2.0 is automatic and spits out an x code project that is ready to use. I still have no idea how to use Xcode for changing things in the app.

No problem, @Crumble