I think it’s not going to work having too many people at different levels all working on one game, and we have so many people interested (myself included) that we probably need several projects, perhaps ranging in difficulty.

CodeaNoob, why don’t you call for ideas for projects, and let’s see if we can make a short list of suitable ideas that people can work on, to make this manageable?

Ignatz, Ur a genius

could i be included into this group probabbly on one of the lower levels

ya, do u have imessage?


I would be up for helping as well!

In addition to writing things like games, there is a need for utility libraries like Cider, eg several templates for physics libraries (with gravity, sliding around a tabletop, etc), templates for graphics and other tools. That’s what I’d like to work on collaboratively.

That is the Advanced Collaboration Project, And ill sign you up for that.

We r now using Skype as Communication as Imessage has gotten too hectic to manage.
If you have Skype, Please PM me ur username and ill add you.


hey @CodeaNoob am i invited to the group yet?

wait @CodeaNoob sorry my bad

i would like to join you guys as i am aiming to learn along the way :smiley:

Do you have Skype?

.@CodeaNoob ,yes I have.

PM me ur name and ill add you to the Convo

.@CodeaNoob Ok, I sent you my skype username

.@CodeaNoob Nvm that.I didn’t notice :-))

@Ignatz, I’m in the same area of interest as you - mostly tools to enable higher order features to be built.

I’ll offer to help out on the side, but I don’t think I can dedicate time to developing a project with a team - three kids.

@aciolino would not say all of us in the group are kids :wink:

No, I have three kids!