Hey, Im looking for a collaboration on a project with 1 or more people. It doesnt matter your skill level, it might be a good learning experience for anyone. If you are interested, say so in Comments

Thank You

i would be interested as im currently coding to learn. ;3

What sort of project are you thinking of doing?

Whatever we come up with as a group

A tutorial series? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking more along the lines of a game, as i am writing a tutorial also.

Srry, I get it! :-))

then we should establish some communication between us as a group… maybe skype?

Or E-Mail, just throwin out ideas.

Well I’m not amazing but I would live to help!


Neither am I, just know some basics and you can contribute

Do I need to put my email here orrrr? Is there a pm on this site?

I sent u mine, u send me yours, il send you mine also @warox

k :3

For anyone else who wants to join, send your imessage mail and we will make sure your added to our conv

I dont know if that will be any interest for you, but check my “pushball game” there it is a game that i made as a “container” for AI programs from various authors: the idea was each one would try to improve the AI of his team and we would all share our AIs and let our teams fight to find the best AI and we would progressively improve. I called that a competition, but it can as well be a collaboration. Let me know if you want to go into that direction.

Interessting @jmv38

I am looking for people to join in on my idea too. I wanted to create a educational game . if u want me to join u and work on it, it would be nice.

ya, PM me ur imessage address and we’ll include ya in the convo