Coding help in NYC

Ah - I see you’re working on Codea Community! I’ll read more to see what you’re working on, and try your betas before making any more suggestions.

Who here is working on Codea development? How big is your team? Great job so far!!!

The iOS git client app Working Copy can import Codea’s zipped projects, and also has an “export to Codea” button which appears whenever you’re browsing a repository with multiple lua files. It places all the files into the clipboard in Codeas paste-into-project format.

Nice! I’ll have to try that.

@interactivenyc - Codea Community was put together by a couple of guys who aren’t active any more, and is in disrepair.

While this is a friendly little community of enthusiasts, there are only a few of us, and there are only two developers (Simeon and John), for whom this is a labour of love more than profit, so the support materials are a bit disorganised.

too bad codea community was not designed to be on github from the start…
and with tools that do not need management from experienced people…
maybe next time…

Go @Simeon and @John! Cheers :slight_smile: