CodeaUnit as dependency does not work. Included as a tab, it does.

As above. When I set up a project with a dependency on CodeaUnit, and use it, I get an error: with “attempt to call a table value” and no stack traceback. When I just paste CodeaUnit into a tab, it works.

I can gin up an example if it would help. I can’t see what’s even going wrong since the error seems to be coming out before things really get started.

@RonJeffries I’ll give this a try soon and see if I can see what’s happening in 2.6.1.

Codea 2.6.2 has changed the way dependencies work and are managed so I’ll try in that version too.

@Simeon @RonJeffries CodeaUnit as a dependency works OK in version 2.6.3 ver 131.

what’s the future like, guys? are there flying cars?

@RonJeffries it’s frustrating because these bug fixes have been with Apple two weeks. And it isn’t waiting for review, it’s actually in review for that amount of time. No idea what they’re doing.

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or not. I can occasionally duplicate the behavior with CodeaUnit pasted into a tab. I’ll start a discussion in Questions I guess.