CodeaShowcase (update: v2.210)

Hello Fellow codea addicts!

Some questions:

  • are you tired of all the fuss when coping a project example from the forum: you need to create a new project, find a new name you havent already used, run it, then manage or delete this new entry in your 400 projects…

  • or when you have gist, now there is this great gist tool from Juce, but you still have to create a project again, and you better not forget, or you overwrite your gist tool!

  • and when you like the project, you dont remember what forum entry it was, and you so loose the instructions and who was the author. And if you put a star to it in the forum, it doesnt help, because the discussion title was an entirely different topic?

If you answer YES to one of these question, you might be interested by this program:
The opening page offers 3 buttons:

  • load and run a gist that url is in the pasteboard.
  • run code that is in the pasteboard.
  • run a project from my collection.

For this last choice you’ll have to tap on the buttons that appear. This will load the project. Then for most projects you can:

  • copy the code in the pasteboard, or
  • run the code, or
  • open the forum comment it came from.
    Technically: i have made a function that i pass a forum comment adress, and it automatically extracts the code in this comment (if it is in blue format with ~ ~ ~, not if it is the fancy format). This is then very quick to store forum urls into this program, for later reference.

To get the code in the pasteboard, run this:

--# Main
-- loader1

function setup()
    print("loading from the web")
    url = ""
        pasteboard.text = data
        print("paste in a new project now")
        print("loading failed")


@Jmv38 An absolutely amazing project. Exactly what I needed. =D> =D> =D>

I think I am going to use this whenever I need to figure out what something on the forum does.

How do you add projects to the ‘empty’ slots? Is it possible?

For the moment adding projects is not automatic. in screen3, ou have to turn this

    local b = rightButton(screen, b)

into that

    local b = rightButton(screen, b, "Starter3: Sonar")
    function b:onTap() loadForum( "" ) end

I will make it easier in a future version.

@Jmv38 It’s already pretty easy, since you provided the commented out code.

Nice work! that game at the end looks familiar :wink:

The user and all related content has been deleted.


Thanks you pals! Encouragements are a fuel to go ahead!

Hi @jmv38,

Superb, ran it as is and looks like a great way to run libraries of code, not libs but finished apps. Just one small negative - when it was running it took over my internet access. Running pc in parallel was extremely slow. Not a problem for me but my better half was pulling her hair out. Any way of closing the link after the download?


@BriG very strange. I just use the standard http.request in Codea. I had no idea it was doing anything in-between requests. Are you sure the problem was due to this project? If you can reproduce it, i’ll ask Simeon to have a look on it.
[EDIT] it could be the in-app web browser not exiting correctly. Could you check if the problem also occurs when you dont tap ‘view instruction link’? Maybe you must kill codea from the running tasks first. Thanks.
ps: i would do it myself if i had any simple way to detect the problem. My better half not being around, and myself never using a pc, i feel powerless to do that.

@Jmv38 +1 I never use a PC either.

Where do I get the QPW?
Where is the code or link??

@Sparrownor1 Welcome to the forums! The code is right at the top, with the blue background. Copy the text and paste it into a new project.

Hi @Jmv38,

A little puzzled here in terms of what you are asking me to do - where is this ‘view instruction link’ to be found?


i meant “read forum instructions”.
Have you tried this button?
it opens an in-app browser and i suspect it to be the cause of you priblem. Just a guess though.

Hi @Jmv38,

Must have been some other issue as tried to reproduce and couldn’t. Tried different conditions, including in app browser and it didn’t slow down access to the internet from the pcs. A red herring by the look of it.

Now goiing to see if I can set up my own system like you’ve set up with yours. Thanks again for the code.



@Bri_G i am still actively working on the button library and on the project itself. The interfaces are evolving, without backward compatibility. I expect to settle down is a few weeks. Just to let you know, if you plan to use the code…

@Bri_G i confirm: next version will be much better in terms of data management (all links in a clear single table for instance), so i suggest you wait for next version before investing too much time with this version. But you decide.
I have shared this early version because it is hard to wait for the ‘perfect code’ to publish it, without any fellow coders encouragements…

Hi @Jmv38,

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve lots of irons in the fire at the moment so I’ll watch and wait. Your current package is excellent so the finished product must be smething else.

Thanks again.


thx @SkyTheCoder that was helpful thx