codea won't open??? help!

hello all.
i see today that codea wont open…??
I have restarted my ipad-air but it doesnt change anything.
everything else seems ok. I am still on ios7. It is a testflight version.
Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to solve it?
Thanks for your help.

@Jmv38 - It’s not this, is it?

@ignatz thanks for the link. I think it is the same pb. What else?
@Simeon what is the procedure for people who have a beta version? Any update? Thanks.

@Jmv38 - see SkyTheCoder’s posts in that thread, I think he reinstalled the production version successfully

yes, i will do this if @Simeon doesnt give any advice.

@SkyTheCoder are you sure i dont have to save my projects before updating from app store?

@Jmv38 When I re-installed Codea from the App Store, it acted like an update, it saved all my projects and just updated the app itself. I would back up first just to be on the safe side, though.


@Jmv38 If you’re still on version iOS 7, stay there. Version 8 totally sucks, not just with Codea, but the way it works in general. It’s bloated with a bunch of useless stuff just to try and catch up with the competition. Maybe by version 9 they’ll get things fixed. If there was an easy way back to iOS 7, I would do it in an instant.

I still have iOS 7 and firmly don’t plan on getting iOS 8 for my iPad. I heard it really does suck from a lot of sources.

@Perscirious The more I use iOS 8, the more I hate it. They must have been trying to meet their release deadline and didn’t care if they released a piece of crap. I think everyone who works in their testing department should be fired because they didn’t do enough testing to find the problems. They make kids who try to release a simple app for the App Store follow stringent rules, yet they release untested code to millions of people and say live with it, we’ll fix it when we get around to it.

I’ve always found a few bugs in iOS, and 8 has only brought more. The few features it added, I don’t need/use, and the rest just broke everything. I highly recommend staying on 7.

Sorry about the provisioning profile expiring. Next version is nearly ready, it’s going to take a lot of the good things from Scratchpad (which is why it’s taking a while)

i downloaded codea from app store.
all my projects are still there.

As long as you don’t remove the Codea app, all the projects stay there even if you reload Codea.