Codea version 1.2.7 - Not available in Brazilian app store

I bought your software in Brazilian app store, but your software it’s no more accessible in Brazil for download or to update.
Can you help me.

Hi @oboudou, I can see that it’s no longer available in Brazil, but I don’t know why. I will contact Apple to find out.

Sorry about the problem!

Please can you help me, it’s no longer available in Brazil. I have a French account for iTunes , maybe a solution it’s to give me free in the French store, but please help me

I am emailing Apple about this, but they have not been very helpful so far.

I have sent you a private message with a code you can use on the French store to get a free, up-to-date version. Sorry for the trouble.

It is not just Codea. Apparently there are a lot of apps which are no longer showing up on the new Brazilian store.

Strange, I wonder what the reason is. Apple have still not replied to my last email explaining the issue.

Thanks for the code, thanks for your help. Now I have the up to date version.
When apple replied I am curius to know the reason.

I finally received a response from Apple regarding this:

Please know games are not currently sold in Brazil due to country limitations.

In version 1.2.7 I changed Codea’s secondary category from “Education” to “Games / Simulation.” That must have triggered it getting pulled from the Brazilian App Store. Sorry about this.

No games in Brazil? Harsh.

Only educational games, like an app capable of making games written in a language from the University of Rio. :slight_smile:

from Brazil here - I don’t know if that’s why, but we have some harsh laws towards software imports. lua was written exactly to get around the even harsher laws in the 80s I think.

Yes it’s because you changed Codea’s secondary category. The consequence is every one bought in Brazil wont update the software, if they don’t have an account in one other country.

I’d vote for “Educational” anyway.

It’s certainly not a game in the normal sense. I’d argue it’s MORE FUN, but I’m a weird, weird person.

Calling it a game is like calling a pile of logs a house.

Being that the laws are so crazy in Brazil with games, seems like apps like Codea would sell more because of the ability to make your own. Educational/Utiluties/Productivity all the way.

  I'd vote for "Educational" anyway.

  I'd argue it's MORE FUN...

Me too (education and more fun).

It’s also very sad if Codea isn’t available on lua’s home turf.

Yeah I’ll switch it back to Education. When Brazil gets games it will go back to Game/Simulation as a secondary category. (Edit: you can’t change categories until an update, so it will happen with 1.3.)