Codea Tutorial?

Sorry, i’m just a beginner in lua and therefore in codea, and i’m german (Austria), so i dont understand the englisch Tutorial inside the app wich is Written in a very complicated Way :-? Does anyone know a German tutorial Page for lua? I’d Love to programm something in lua!!! But the only Thing i Managed is a Little man ( i made him with the sprite() function :wink: ) appears where i Touch… And i drew some houses… But its all :frowning: i Need this Page! (i know some pages, but they dont explain Things like: “self.anythingIDontKnow” or "function init() " or how to create cind of a Button)

Ps: i wrote this in english because everyone in this Forum wrote in english :">


Hah, thats exactly tha Page i know :wink: But it doesnt help me in creating Buttons, and Buttons that move Things and all the Otter stuff i wanna do :wink: but thanks for your response!!!

There is no built-in way to create a button - yet. You’d need to draw it yourself with a rect() or ellipse(), then look for touch events where you drew the button.

As for tutorial sites - maybe (I don’t know how well google’s translator will work on technical documents). Good luck!

Also there is some information here that you can translate with google since it’s not in the app

Some of the in app documentation is here

Though I think it is for the prior version. It may be missing some commands.

Thank you, this Page is very useful. But why Cant i Open some files? There is always an error… “this Content is private”. Ok, but how can i See this content? I Need it!!

I believe only the prior versions of the web pages are private. I cannot see those either.