Codea to HTML5: Lesson 1: Introduction to HTML5 and the file structure

Here is my first lesson on converting your Codea app to HTML5. The blog post is too long to post on the forums, so here is the link:
Sorry for the slowness of the website. I hope to get sometime soon.

The link doesnt return a page (too slow)

@Jmv38 - It does take a while. Next weekend, I hope to get a domain for myself. Just open up the website, and do something else while you wait for it.

I use they are free and seem to work fine (the images of my 3d web tuto are there)

Hi All,

Like Jmv38 I use and have so far found it to be pretty good. You need to ‘protect’ your site as they delete sites with little traffic. They do give you the option before deletion. Once protected your fine to go.

Zoyt, - looked at your first page - now waiting the second with interest. How big do you see your site growing to?



@Hmv38 and @Bri_G - Thanks for the tips. I made an account. I’ll upload the website there later. I’ll get the domain and my own hosting in a month or two. Sorry so much for the speed issues.
@Bri_G - I don’t see my website getting very big. I’m just trying to make a blog post when I have time (every week or two). HTML files aren’t very big, so download sizes won’t be a issue.
P.S. Please let me know what you think of the tutorial so far.

This is somewhat off topic, but I’ve been looking unto 000webhost, can you use it to do client to server stuff?

@Prynok, absolutely. I use it to of an online leaderboards and some simple multiplayer

I also use Its great and supports all php functions. @Bri_G, how do you ‘protect’ yourself?

@syntonica, @SkyTheCoder - Nope, it still needs to be done. Like CSS transitions, gradients, and all sorts of other stuff, they use the same API across browsers, but they haven’t decided to make it standard.

Oops! Sorry… it was at the top of a feed and I didn’t notice!

\slinks back to hole…

@syntonica This is probably outdated, as the thread died almost a year ago. Try not to bump dead discussions found in the Google search, it’s better to just PM the author about it.

return window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame ||
window.mozRequestAnimationFrame ||
window.oRequestAnimationFrame ||

Why, for the love of Tim Berners-Lee, are we -still- doing this?!?

Thanks for the tutorial, though. :slight_smile:

Hi @JakAttak,

The ‘protection’ referred to was provided to me when I logged on to edit my site. The provider monitors traffic and if it is below a certain level shelves the site, but offer you the option to keep it ‘protected’ in future - thus enabling you to have low traffic. There is probably an option selectable from the site management page but I haven’t pursued it. So my site is up and I can use it infrequently now - it’s just something I use as a test bed, I have other sites which I use more often.



well i am back … @zoyt this is awesome , great idea