Codea the game

Hello people of the community!
Anyone care to collaborate to make a fullfledged 3D-game for Codea? Would be nice to have an enjoyable game as an example, only for codea. (and possibly let two lives left release it if they want to)

I´m arguing with myself about having the time to even learn lua-coding, but I have ounches of ideas for games, a whole bunch of music in several genres and I´m writing books (two at a time) and some stories come out of those that doesn´t fit anywhere but could probably be put into something else.
I don´t remember who made the simple 3D-engine with the rotating cube (can´t find the discussion any longer, and it doesn´t have anything in the description. jmw38? hmmm) but it has given me a lot of inspiration for my own game, it really shows how simple 3D can be. And that was sort of my idea, a simplistic game that runs well on any iPad, but big enough to be fun to play, as well as an example for everyone who tries to learn coding in Codea.

I was planning on doing a cat´n mouse game for instance. Playing the mouse in a labyrinth tunnel with a few holes where the cat will snatch you. Or a zelda-like game (visually) with a simple story. Haven´t got the time for any of these tiny projects though … or my own big one either, probably.

Anyway, if someone is interessted, my guitarlicks and stories are at our disposal, and also my noob programming skills. Could be fun, educational and a good deed for the needy, or at least the nice people making Codea. :smiley:

@Pirke 3D in Codea is not for the faint of heart. @Ignatz made a 3D plane flying demo that was awesome. I’d say learn lua and Codea and start with 2D. I really loved what super bros. did with Sword & Sworcery EP. That style is attractive and could really lend itself to a good story and soundtrack.

@Pirke - I think you are extremely optimistic. 3D is very, very tough - I spent over 6 months wrestling with different aspects of it. I started writing an ebook on 3D, here, which will give you some idea of the challenges.

@Pirke - I think @Briarfox and @Ignatz are right. 3D in Codea - whilst not impossible, it is certainly going to be an uphill struggle if you have little experience of coding, general 3d concepts and a bit of maths. As for generating 3D content/models - you’ve got to consider how you build and import those assets as Codea doesn’t as yet have 3D integrated into its asset system - both @Ignatz and myself have done a fair bit on this and its not trivial for beginners.

Much better to start of with developing something simple in 2D with Sprites and touches to nail those basic concepts and build on this, or even Unity which has much better 3D integration IMHO (although with a steeper learning curve).

@Briarfox : I haven´t fainted yet. 2D can without a doubt be cool. I´m making mostly textbased stuff right now, trying to find my way to the ultimate AI, though I´m pretty far away yet.
@Ignatz : I am extremely optimistic :smiley:
@andymac3d : I figured programmed, simple models, not polygonic masterpieces. Like a brick-figure or like the mouse I thought about, would be seen from above, so no need for feet, only a textured oval shape.
Thanks for the inputs. *=)

I’ve never had any problems with 3D. Once you’ve got the concept, it’s pretty easy.

Most models I make are either hand-coded or procedurally generated. Again, easy once you’ve figured it out.

If you want, I would be interested in helping make a 3D cat & mouse game.

Cool! I really want to, hope more people want to join in too. :smiley:

I´ll start bothering my cat to make cat-sounds (she´s often quite noisy), and drawing sketches of labyrints at once. I thought it would be nice to have a blueprint of the labyrints, to find something that has the right amount of challenge.

Let´s open another thread where we post mostly anything we come up with. Can be selective later. *=)

@SkyTheCoder : I made a new thread called mouse, I´ll start posting stuff when I get stuff to post. :slight_smile: