Codea Server to client and vice versa

Has anyone made tutorial on this, for example, The client tells a website, or a server some information, the server stores it somewhere, and the other clients can compare it. Has anyone made a tutorial for these kind of things?

i don’t know
tho i know you should be looking into the http request, so maybe look for that and you might find a tutorial :wink:

Use http.request to send POST and GET data. Handle it on the server end with php or asp.

@Brairfox Thats what I’m confused with, I don’t know what to do with php!

If you’ve used AJAX before, it works just like that. Pass in variables to the script with “?blah=blah&blah=blah” and use _GET() to fetch variables. Then, to return a string to Codea, use “echo”. I might post a beginners demo later. Once you get the gist of it, it’s SUPER easy. Sorry if I’m not clear. I’m on an iPhone right now.

@Zoyt A tutorial would be nice, as I haven’t had a website before this month I’ve never really used AJAX before! :slight_smile:

@Prynok - I’ll look into it this weekend. Feel free to PM me if I forget to post one on Saturday.

I’ve also been struggling with this, looking forward to your tutorial!

@Kjell - Sorry, I can’t post it today. I decided to attempt to boot Codea today, and it crashes on startup for me. I’m using a beta, so I’ll contact Simeon. To make matters worse, the purchased section of my app store is down temporarily for some reason, so I can’t downgrade.


That’s sad to hear! Oh well, I have more things to do in Codea. Will be looking forwarded to when it does come out :slight_smile:

@Zoyt Even if you can’t make the tutorial, what are some other tutorials you think would help a beginner in this, and some website hosters that allow you to upload AJAX programs?

Thanks, Prynok

@Prynok - I got Codea working. I’m pretty sure I can do it this weekend. I’m thinking about starting a series.

@Zoyt Oh ok, awesome! Looking forward to it!

Sorry, I’m a bit behind. I’m trying to tie up all the loose security ends. I’m running into some issues with Lua patterns that are turning my brane inside out.

@Zoyt Here’s some help with Lua patterns.

Also, sorry, but brain, not brane.

@SkyTheCoder - I got it working. Just some issues with my URL encoder and converting symbols to hexadecimal. And typing on an iPhone late at night = misspellings.