Codea Scratchpad?

Just seen Codea Scratchpad on the AppStore (yeah, not used my ipad in a while)
is this Codea 2?

The only info I could find on it said it was simply a Free demo of Codea but as it’s £4 and not free that can’t be true?

Hmm…when i downloaded it before it was free, im using the swedish store so i dont know if it is any error in the ‘Brittish’? Store

It’s Codea Lite (the full version in now £9.99 I think). According to the description on the app store, it’s missing shaders, xcode export, live coding and “more”.

Okay thanks, guess I was hoping it was a new version that was easier so I could actually use it :smiley:

Since I’ve not used my ipad in several months let alone browsed the App Store.

Has any new game creating/ programming apps been released?
(No offence intended but something easier than codea?)

Codea is not that hard in my opinion, you just need to give it some time! But in case you really don’t want to learn how to work with Codea, try this app: it uses a drag-and-drop system so no programming knowledge is required. But if I were you I’d really consider to give Codea another chance :slight_smile:

@Tyson do you know this blog: ? Start at post 1, and if you follow a post a day you’ll be a coding genius in around 10 months or so! The initial learning curve for any kind of coding is very steep, but Codea is one of the friendliest and most helpful developing environments in existence, IMO, and is also incredibly powerful. And once you get into learning to code, it’s incredibly addictive and rewarding.

Thanks. Yeah I know that blog I tried to follow it. I bought codea early last year and put around 3 months into learning it. 3-6 hrs a day and I just couldn’t get my head around it. Not knocking the app. I’m at fault for being dumb, but I did honestly give it my best effort. I’m always on the lookout now for something like codea but much easier.

@Tyson Exactly what are you having trouble with. Are you having trouble with the Lua language, the logic of creating a program, the Codea functions and how they work, or how everything fits together. A lot of starters try to write a program way beyond their capabilities and give up because it doesn’t work and they don’t know how to fix it. I’ve been there, and so has everyone else. You need to start small, extreamly small until you understand what you just did. Then you expand on that a little until you understand that. You keep doing that, but it’s going to take time. You sound like you’re looking for something that will write a program for you without having to know how to do anything. Those apps exits, but they’re limited to what can be done compared to what you can do with Codea once you understand how to use it. Everyone is here to help you and answer your questions. Let us know what you don’t understand and we’ll go from there.

No offence and I certainly didn’t come here to argue about your software but I think to say I want something to write the stuff for me is a little mean.

I don’t mean that, I did try my best with codea and stuck at it for about 3 months. I got to understand variables, loops, conditions etc etc but when it comes to using any maths stuff I fell down on my face. It’s something my brain won’t learn, so like when I needed maths functions to make a ball bounce off something. I failed, when I needed maths to make something rotate in a circle I failed. Like I said, not blaming codea it’s my brain that cannot learn this stuff (totally failed maths at school decades ago).

So I’m not wanting an app that’ll write things for me, I’m just wanting one that will do the stuff I cannot learn. ie: the maths functions, etc. I did really enjoy tinkering with codea and doing small things but everything stopped once whatever I was working on suddenly needed a maths function :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long post, just trying to explain.

Tyson, it isn’t on iPad but try Gamesalad. Is what I made my first two ios apps with, no coding required. You still have to learn all the ins and outs of the program which takes time.

I much prefer Codea though, so much more you can do with it. Not to mention there is just something magical about making the apps on your iPad wherever you are.

@Tyson I didn’t mean that you didn’t try. Maybe you’re trying too hard. You say you don’t know math, but you really don’t need to know that much. Here’s a program to make a ball bounce off something. There is no math involved except for setting some values. Codea does all the calculations needed. You just need to know what commands to use. I understand your frustration about not getting your head around it, but we will help if you want to continue.


function setup()

function draw()
    background(40, 40, 50)

@Tyson My above code is a perfect example of my saying start small until you understand what’s happening and then expand it a little at a time. Look at my code above and try to understand what each line of code is doing. After that, start changing some values and see how that affects the running code. Once you see how that goes, then start adding some code, another ball. Keep going in small steps and after some time you’ll understand what’s happening without having to think about it. I’ve been coding for so long now that when someone ask, “How do I do this or that”, the code just pops into my head and I just start keying the code. If there was some way to bypass keying the code, I code write programs in seconds. But it takes time to learn and it will start to get fun. As I said, we’re all here to help.

Codea Scratchpad used to be $0 and Codea $10, but I think now they are $5 and $15 respectively

@dave1707. Thank you for you comments and code, I don’t use codea anymore and have in fact deleted it (not that you’d know of course) I was just trying (badly) to get my point across that I tried my best and accepted failure. I just saw codea scratchpad and wondered if it was a simplified codea for people like me who cannot grasp codea as-is but it seems not.

Anyway thank you for your input. I shall keep looking for the app I want :slight_smile: