Codea Runtime slower than Codea

I saw someone else mention in another thread that they had the same experience as I do: my app runs way slower (lower fps) as a codea runtime app than it does in codea itself. That doesn’t seem to make any sense to me. In that other thread I read, debug mode was mentioned as a possible culprit… but if I create a distribution of my runtime app it shouldn’t be possible for the distributed version to be in debug mode… Right?

Is that the real reason for slower performance in the runtime?


.@Neztec - the simulator on your Mac will be slower. Do you have the same problem when you run it on your iPad via Xcode?

I have the issue when I create an archive for distribution so that I can download directly on my ipad / other people’s ipads. Last night I did another distribution and suddenly it ran much faster on my iPad 2 (same speed as in Codea)… but it still runs mysteriously slow on a retina iPad 3.

So I don’t know what I did to make the iPad 2 version run fast… and I don’t know why the retina version would be that much slower… doesn’t seem right since the iPad 3 has more hardware to deal with retina graphics… could it be something else?

I’m confused.

  • Mike