Codea running on different devices what does WIDTH & HEIGHT return?

This is an open question to anyone (everyone) who has access to a variety of different devices (or simulators) and can run Codea apps on them.

Given all the mucking about that Apple are doing with resolutions at the moment does anyone know what WIDTH, HEIGHT and contentScaleFactor values are returned for an iPhone 6 and 6+ ?

I’m assuming it’s probably 375,667 with a scale factor of 2 for the iPhone 6 and 414,736 with a scale factor of 3 for the 6+ (likewise 320,568 scale 2 for an iPhone 5 etc)

Given that Codea handles Retina images internally - how does that work on the @x3 images the 6+ uses?

Thanks in advance

I actually ran a test demo on the various xCode simulators and found that with the current version of Codea, the iPhone 5(S), 6 & 6+ all return the same values of 320x568 with a contentScaleFactor of 2. This is (I’m guessing) because the appropriate launch images aren’t present at the correct resolution to tell the device which resolution to use.

Does anyone know what the correct dimensions, settings, naming conventions are whilst we wait for Codea 2.1 ??? (apologies if this has been asked elsewhere).

On an unrelated note - this was the first time I’ve ever had the pleasure of exporting / running a Codea app in xCode and in true Apple fashion - it just worked - Props to Simeon and the team for a job well done! :slight_smile:

iPhone 6 is indeed 375, 667, 6+ 414, 736. this is what WIDTH and HEIGHT should return.

If it doesn’t work, could be a bug or TLL hard coded the values instead of pulling them from the device? Not sure about that

I’ve been reading up on this - just like with the taller default image required for the iPhone 5, unless you have the correct launch assets set up, the phone will default to being an iPhone 5 sized with the display scaled to fit - I suppose this is to prevent ugly borders at the top and bottom.

I’m sure @Simeon will get this fixed in the next update so that the correct setup is used :slight_smile: