Codea reference

So - I’d pay money for a good Codea book (ideally available as epub and pdf) that had the reference manual and some good examples. Ideally from TLL, and updated in-sync with releases. I find the in-app reference to be useful if you want specific things, but I’m a browser - I read manuals cover to cover - and it’s not ideal for that.

“Maybe I’ll write one myself”, he said, knowing full well he has a job that’s currently 60+ hours a week…

I’d like to buy one too.

to be honest I’ve been eyeing up the Lua books on amazon but they are not exactly cheap and I’m not sure if their code is totally Codea compatible, so I’m holding off buying one at the moment.

Dave1707 and Ignatz should co-write one, I’m sure a lot of newbies like me would buy it day one. :wink:

@Tyson - All Lau code is Coda compatible, except for some of the Io functions.

Thank you for that!

@Tyson - I began writing an ebook on Codea, but I quickly realised it would be enormous. I could write a whole book just on 3D graphics (in fact, I am doing so), and others on shaders and Lua (I already did). Then there’s physics, sensors, all the reference material mentioned by @Bortels, game design, graphic techniques.

Basically, there is way too much ground to cover. And I’m not just going to spend dozens of hours going through the existing reference material, fleshing it out. That is way too boring. Nor would I want TLL to do it, if that delays new features!