Codea Project and Utility Links

I was thinking that it might be a good idea to have a thread with all the links to various utilities, projects and tutorials. I’ll be doing my best to add whats on the forum but the search function is lacking. Please PM me with anything I might have missed. If we could get a Mod to sticky this it would be great!


Ballon Game -

Grass and Wind -


Gister gists your project-

AutoGist Version control with gist-

Cider 1.6 UI controls -

Cider 2 Windowed -

Zoom Library -

TexturePacker -

Simple Timer Class -

Windows Utility -


Andrew Stacey Code - Library

Reefwing Tutorials -

Vega Mesh Tutorial -

Ignatz Tutorials -

Jmv38 Tutorials -


Wouldn’t this work better on the wiki?

It may be but not everyone checks the wiki. I know when I was new here I didn’t find the wiki for a few weeks, but again I can be a little slow :slight_smile:

I realise that, but this is the sort of information that needs proper organisation and that’s much easier to do on the wiki than in a dedicated discussion.

As many have commented, the search on the forum is rubbish. So anything that should be saved should go on the wiki where it is more organised. As more useful stuff gets put on the wiki, more people will keep an eye on it. So it’s a case of chicken-and-egg.

Best is to put some stuff on the wiki and then come here and announce “I’ve put some stuff on the wiki!”.

In principle i agree with you @andrew.
So i jumped to the wiki, and ckicked how to edit the wiki. And it is not clear at all how i can edit the wiki. The link ‘here’ to technique is dead. It seem much more complex than posting messages here… Or did i get it all wrong?

@Jmv38 You need to create an account on the wiki. Which link did you mean by “The link ‘here’ to technique”? … Ah, I think I’ve found it. I think that page was meant to be a documentation of Creole.

Currently, the wiki uses Creole but the forum uses Markdown. Originally, Creole was the only format that could be used. I would suggest that new pages use Markdown for consistency with the forum - in fact, it might be easier if we convert all the pages from Creole to Markdown.

Well I’m fine with using the wiki :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at it today.

Please include Jmv38’s excellent projects

@ignatz I couldn’t get it to load last night so I wasn’t sure i had the correct address. So is this thread useful? If so, I’ll put the time in and keep it updated. If you guys prefer to keep it on the wiki, I’ll let the thread die.

Threads get washed away by new posts, the wiki is better, I think.

Unless it is a sticky thread of course.

I’d be happy to edit the wiki but I’m not hip on the whole wiki think and I wouldn’t want to step on toes. There were projects i dug around on there and found awhile ago but I can’t seem to locate them any more. Think the layout could be improved a little.

@Briarfox - I agree. We really need a good place where people can find things, but the wiki thing isn’t easy. Thanks for raising this, it’s important!

I do think that wikis are good places to organise things, so if the current state of the wiki isn’t suitable then it ought to be fixed.

You shouldn’t feel hesitant about editing the wiki. Just go ahead and do it.

I just don’t want to mess things up :slight_smile: but I’ll give it a go

Well I updated the wiki, tutorials are added. I’d like to break the contributed code section up. I added utilities as a sub category and would like to break up the current contributed code page. The pages in creole hurt my eyes :frowning:

I vote with your proposed change