Codea pre-empts iPad sound

When I’m listening to music on my ear things, and I go into Codea, music stops. When I exit Codea, it comes back. Codea appears to be grabbing sound output rather vigorously right at init time.

Not very high priority but still …

I’ve fixed this in the current beta, should be ready for release soon


Thank youuuuu! I’ve been waiting for this, more so than new features!

@brianolive would you be willing to try the beta to test it for me? Because I’ve tested it myself but am not normally listening to music through my iPad and working with Codea

Of course! Grabbing the latest beta now…I’ll let you know how it goes.

Yes! Thank you - seems to working perfectly. Such a pleasant experience now.

p.s. I just hope you have some great music playing some other way! What would I do with myself if I wasn’t listening to music all day while coding at work, and then again at home. Thanks for the fix!