Codea Play running on iPhone

A bit of a status update. Note that it still has a little way to go — but the entries will be put into it and played on iPad shortly.

YES! And can I see the editor please???

Looking good, @Simeon! :slight_smile:

The big with the text in landscape, why don’t you just move it in front of the icon and give it a white shadow? I also really like how you fit in the sidebar. In portrait mode, how about we have a little tab that we can drag to open in. Kind of like the notification center in fullscreen mode :-).
Just trying to help.

@Zoyt That stuff is going to change. The interface is very unfinished — I was just excited to show the engine running on iPhone.

Thanks for doing that. I really love sneak peeks. :smiley:

I clearly need to build a scale factor into the anagrams program. That font is just way too big.

The users can’t see the code of the program?

@bee not sure. I don’t want the project to go to the editor before running, but I may add a “Copy” option to the example projects that copies them to clipboard. However that’s still up-in-the-air.

There will be a scratch editor and the code will be accessible online, anyway.

@Andrew_Stacey at least the word was appropriate

this is truly amazing! the fullscreenmode will be even more :wink:

@Andrew_Stacey Yep - I think the titlescreen of my TouchLine game will be all over the place, too. I guess we’ll need to work out a font size based on our ideal font being at 100% on an iPad screen.

I used

if itoip and WIDTH >320 then --draw itouch size on the ipad
        cs = (3.1)
        cs = (3.1 * (320/WIDTH))



But this means basically resizes the whole app, so, you have to make sure it is still visible on the small screen. In my case I was designing that way.