Codea plain text editor

I have asked this before and Simeon has answered but buried in another thread I want to bring it up again.

Doing extensive code I find that all the help items on top of the text gets in the way and clouds the overwiev.
For me it is so anoying that I code in a TextWrangler on my iMac instead.

So what I am asking, is to get an option to turn all on screen help on and off.
I understand @Simeons reluctance because he could end up with all kinds of settings in a long row off options and that could destroy some of the idea with this easy approach to coding.
However my opinion is that the editor is a bit destroyed as it is now. Not for a beginner or casual coder, but when the code extends to hundrets of lines an you have been coding for hours the popups becomes very distracting and not helpfull.

Maybe I am the only one with this request, and then be it, but thought I would give it a try again.

Re Peter … Still a happy Codea user :slight_smile:

I dont know how i do it, but i dont even see the pop ups anymore… I have implemented my own popup ‘off’ switch in my brain. But sometimes they are useful. So for me the current status is ok.

I found them also useful and dont recognize them when not needed…))

As a beginner, I find them useful.

I find the pop-ups totally useless and annoying. The editor is slow enough without having things that aren’t needed slowing it down even more. If you need to know the syntax of a command, that’s what the manual is for.

I rarely notice it. However on a few occasions I could not recall the exact function I was looking for and the popups helped :slight_smile:

I do think its pretty pointless once you start to remember all the functions that codea uses, it’s definitely a good idea to be able to disable it, but also another thing that annoys me not really related to this is when you use the search bar when using the onscreen keyboard, the screen doesn’t scroll to the text, it stays hidden behind the keyboard so you have to scroll it yourself