codea iPad source code on iCloud drive

how can i get codea to store my iPad application source code on iCloud drive? just where is the default storage location & can i access it outside of the codea app?

You can’t. Codea saves it’s projects in the Codea app. If you want your projects to go anywhere else, you have to do it yourself. You can’t access the projects outside of Codea unless you do if from iTunes or probably from a jailbroken iPad. I’m not 100% sure. If someone’s else has a way, they’ll post it. As for me, I create a file that contains all 400+ of my projects and sync it with Dropbox. I guess I could send it to iCloud, but I don’t use iCloud for anything.

I copy my projects and save them in Notes . So i have over 300 projects availabel. On my pc can i Notes open and edit. On Notes i can also save pictures .

how do you copy a multi tab project? do you have to select all & copy each tab seperately?

From the Codea home page, if you do a long press on a project, an option to Export shows. If you tap that, another option Copy project code shows. If you tap that, the entire project (all tabs) is copied to the clipboard. That can be pasted into Notes or any other app that allows paste.