Codea Hackathon

Hi guys! I haven’t seen many competitions lately, so I decided to make one, you will be teamed up with the closest person we can find to your age, or if you wanted to select your teammate then go ahead!

This months challenge is: Business App

You and your teammate will decide what type of business app to make, then at the beginning of Saturday, you guys will begin coding it. On friday, you can’t write any more code. Also at the end, post a link/videos/pictures of your app


  1. Each person MUST help with the app.
  2. You can’t take code from an existing app you’ve made.

Here is the application:



Skype: (Put nothing if you don't have one)

Teammates name: (Put nothing if you don't have one)

Name: Austin
Age: 15
I’ll have to resign as I have Mid-Terms coming up next week and need to study

Name: Steven

Age: 17

Skype: StevieTheBest

Side-Note: I’m not very good at things like UI (creating buttons etc will go fine, but pixel art etc…), and am still rather new to codea (read as: haven’t learned about shaders and meshes and alot of things) But i already know I’m a rather quick learner

Question: How do we have to complete the app?

@Stevon8ter you can complete the app anyway you want! Make it your own! The only rule is it has to be function, and not for entertainment purposes.

ooh sorry i forgot a part of my question facepalm
How much time do we have to complete the app?


Ok, so that would be friday before midnight… so 7days :wink:

Ok, well then I’ll better start thinking already :wink:

Name: Parker

Age: 13

Skype: parker7142000

Here is some tips to figure out a idea:

Who will your audience be? Doctors, Lawyers, Programmers, Teachers, Animators, or maybe Students?

How do you want your app to affect them? For example, if I chose students, how would I make a students life easier? Would it give them test taking tips, or would it have flash cards for their projects?

Keep that stuff in mind when coming up with an idea.

  • another thing to keep in mind is, note apps etc, apps asking for lots of input would be harder… since there’s no real easy way to replace the indicator… :wink:

Also I would like to point out, if there is an odd amount of people, I will discard my application that way everyone has a partner :wink:

Sadly, school is in my way and the fact I want to release my app, but this sounds like fun otherwise. Also, why is it that my competitions I hosted never took off? Haha. Well, I hope this goes over well, and I can’t wait to see what you make.

@Zoyt Don’t worry! I will be making more in the summer, maybe earlier!

damned i forgot, i am gone for the weekend, but normally still ipad… but maybe no internet, so idk if i’ll be able to communicate with a partner those days xd