Codea Functionality Encryption/Battery Info

I was just wondering if there was any way to get information in Codea about the current battery level of the device running the program. I ask because I have recently been compiling a program I’m working on in Xcode, and it worked pretty well, by I didn’t want to use the native ios status bar. I have been able to get the status bar to hide when compiling by changing the plist in Xcode (the export option for hide status bar was not working for ios 7), but I still wanted to be able to see my battery info, and was wondering if this is something codea can do or I’ll have to add manually in Xcode. Also, my other question was about encryption. After exporting, my file works and I was able to use it on my 5s, but the LUA script and shaders are all stored inside the shader and .codea folders in the IPA. I was wondering if anyone had found a way to encrypt this data so if an app was released, it would not also contain a complete source code for all parts made in LUA. Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions!

Codea: No

Xcode: I don’t Know

@Beckett2000 The encryption problem has been acknowledged by Simeon himself, the problem is finding the best encryption for the job, and load times would possibly slow down for the finished project… Obfuscation is another option, I’d have a look at that if you don’t want your code to be read easily. Obfuscation requires quite a bit of code to work well, if you put 5 lines in it won’t be able to shift much around.

I’ve seen some free obfuscation web sites. They seem to do a pretty good job.

@Luatee Thanks for the suggestion of obfuscation. I haven’t tried using that before, but I will look into it and see what might be possible for my project.

Quite honestly, I’m not sure anyone is going to bother stealing the actual code unless it has some very special and hard to guess algorithms. Chances are they are using a different language anyway, so the code is of little use. If they like your game they will just copy it in their language of choice.

Obfuscation is probably enough. Unless you write a $1,000,000 hit, nobody is going to bother except for the one or two hackers out there who want to learn from your code.

For me if I released an app it wouldn’t be an issue releasing the source to the community because only codea users would have use for it and no one in this small community would steal code anyway, its all freely shared. And it couldn’t affect sales much if it were a delayed release of the source so its not a problem in my eyes… @Becket obfuscation won’t stop people from learning your algorithms and structures if they are appealing.