Codea Editor Feedback

Pleeeease Pleeeease Pleeeease bring back the swipe left/right to move between characters in the editor! This was so huge I kept looking for the same functionality in all other apps. It really sped up dev.
Second would have to be the auto-hiding of the modules at the top (scroll down, they disappear, scroll up, they reappear), not a fan. It’s slower to move between modules.
Last, I use the black background editor. The code completion tabs are in white it’s a little jarring.
Thanks very much!

.@scatterbraincc Thank you for your feedback — I had no idea anyone used the swipe left/right functionality! It interfered with the swipe-to-close documentation so I removed it. I can reconsider it, though. Did anyone else use this feature? It was undocumented, so I’m surprised it was used at all.

All the beta feedback for the auto-hiding of tabs was quite positive, which is why I developed the feature. I prefer the extra screen space as well (the software keyboard just takes up so much). The feature is probably not as important with a bluetooth keyboard.

The slowness is something I’m fixing. That’s important and requires a lot of work, which I’ve started on.

The code completion tabs have always been white, but I agree that they are quite bright.

I have a cydia tweek that does this for me so i had no idea that there was a function like that x)

I used it. +1 for re-implementing it

I used this alot aswell, found it out the other day before the update and its better than using the magnifying glass to place the cursor, would be great if you could re-implement that

.@Simeon If you’re going to make editor changes, I think someone requested this before, but I couldn’t find it in the forum. When the magnifying glass on the keyboard is pressed to do a search in the current program, can the input focus be changed from the editor to the search line. Currently you have to tap in the search line before entering something. Great job on the update, there’s a lot of new stuff to figure out.

LOVE the swipe left/right! I stumbled upon it a while back and now want Apple to put it everywhere.

It sounds like it’s just me, but I find the auto-hide of the module tabs especially irritating. Configuring two modules that “talk” to each other is a chore. Would it be out of the question to make this an option or something that only happens in landscape mode?

[ I program straight into the iPad, no other devices. I’m usually in portrait mode when I edit and I drop the keyboard if I need to look around. ]

“The code completion tabs have always been white, but I agree that they are quite bright.” - Heh, I could have sworn they were black… the new code completion is great either way.

I feel terrible coming on here after your months of working on 1.5 to complain. Sorry. :-S
I LOVE Codea and 90% of my time on the iPad is spent working in it. 8->


What is the keyboard swiping you are talking about? There is this key in the extended keyboard line that lets you move the cursor until you lift the finger (up and down as well). Second there is the option in settings ‘Keyboard gestures’ (or so) that lets you do the same thing just by touching and moving anywhere on the keyboard. I didn’t find a difference to what it was before. Am I missing something? Are there also additional gestures or is that all the option is about?

.@Spielkind, in addition you could also swipe left or right in the editor (not the keyboard or keyboard extension) to move the cursor. I found this fantastic, because with all the other methods you still have to be cautious of how far you move left or right. With this you could quickly swipe without “fiddling” and know that you were one spot over in either direction.

.@scatterbraincc you can actually just tap the “move cursor” key on the keyboard to move the cursor left or right by exactly one step — just tap the appropriate side of the key. Does this help at all?

.@Simeon Thanks, I do know about the move key. Just found the swipe to be the most convenient method. No hunting for another key. If it’s irritating to add back in, then I’ll live. :slight_smile:

.@scatterbraincc I’ve added it to my list of things to look at. It might be fine to add back in — I’ll have to see if it causes any issues.


PS: Codeas Code editor has a glitch when editing long lines in portrait mode. Cursor gets far to the right and you can’t position him anymore. When hitting delete, half of the code line gets deleted.

ALSO, When running code player and going back to code editor, you cannot Undo anymore!

Most important issue for me with 1.4.6 was the long line problem that messed up the editor display and made it impossible to edit a line.
Looks like this has been fixed in 1.5, so thanks for that.

However the new white blops introduced to get an overview of the command parameters, gets in the way the same as the editor long line problem and clutters the view.

I realize it could be a very nice thing to have if you are a beginner and confused about the parameters and where to go next.

But, would it be possible to make a setting tab that enables or disables this feature ?
After a while with Codea you know these things and just wants a clean text editor most of the times to get the job done.

Dont get me wrong, I am very very glad for the update and think the help system especially is the best I have seen. Shaders and other stuff I have yet to explore.

Re Peter

Sorry to say that I have now gone back to 1.4.6 (have another iPad not updated)
The speech bubbles that persist on showing up everytime I enter a control with parameters is exstremely distracting. Using a keybord dosen’t help either.
I hope I have missed a setting somewhere that enables or disables this, but for me it is hidden at the moment.
Am I the only one with this ?

Re Peter

.@macflyerdk sorry that they are causing you frustration. During the beta phase it never came up as an issue, so I had thought that people either found them helpful, or ignored them.

Do they actually impede your reading of your code? They fade out quite fast — 0.5s x Number of Arguments.

I often find myself relying on them for the lesser used functions.

For me it is like a web page with annimated commercials. I allways leave the page quickly and if I have to read it I try to zoom to a quiet area. So it is that distracting at least for me. Mind I have gone past 50 years of age, so maybe just an old mans problem to slow tings down :wink:
Anyway, is it very difficult to make a setting for this eg. adjusting the delay to zero or something ?

I have another option, which is using a texteditor on my iMac, but that is just a workaround for doing extensive text editing. I really prefer to code on the iPad…and 1.4.6 will do it for now

Re Peter

.@macflyerdk technically, it’s not difficult to add a setting. However I do not want to place extra editor settings into the sidebar — because that could potentially grow into a very long list of settings, which is a personal dislike of mine.

In the future I would like to consider revealing the Codea Editor itself as a Lua object that can be scripted. In this case I could see a place for adding functionality that could toggle the API-assist guides.

I would like to see a search & replace feature for the Codea Editor. It really is a must for any editor, especially when it comes to a code editor.
I would also like to see undo/redo buttons, equivalent to the usual Ctrl-Z / Ctrl-Y.

.@Phd the usual is Cmd+Z and Cmd+Shift+Z (or Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Shift+Z on Windows). I believe that Cmd+Z will work if you connect a Bluetooth keyboard to Codea. You can also press the “.?123” button to get access to the undo key on the software keyboard.

Search and replace is a good idea, and something that I will have to work on.