Codea Documentation

Is there any particular reason that the codea documentation is out-of-date other than the devs just haven’t gotten around to it? For example, ‘tween’ is well documented, but ‘’ is nowhere to be found except by searching this forum. As people continue to purchase and use Codea, it seems they will need to rely more on the posts and blogs of its user to fully understand the capabilities of Codea. Not that this is entirely a bad thing, but I know most of us would be willing to contribute to a full-fledged documentation.

There’s an updated version of the Codea documentation that people can make changes to and add function documents here, but TLL just hasn’t merged the updated documentation to the app yet.

Thanks @SkyTheCoder I had no idea. Who’s in charge of the wiki? Perhaps there should be a louder reference to that Gist.

@matthew actually is not documented because it isn’t yet a public API. I have a feeling that there are some issues with (especially when used with sequences), but I haven’t had time to explore them fully. I will expose it through the documentation when I am happy that it works properly.

You’re the man @Simeon. I’m really excited to have a sounds library soon! :slight_smile: