Codea Documentation

I’ve open sourced the raw files used to generate Codea’s documentation. My reason for doing this is to allow people who have submitted corrections, improvements or suggestions to be able to do so via GitHub.

It’s also there so anyone can write a conversion script if they would like to see the documentation available in a different format, such as HTML. (The current scripts folder is empty at the moment.)


The source format is YAML, and there is one file per chapter.

I spent tonight writing a script to convert the documentation into nice HTML. I’ve replaced the older Codea/Reference site with the following:

It’s much easier to keep the web documentation in sync now.

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:-bd Thank you :-bd

=D> Very well done

. @Simeon Great job, but, there’s always a but. Could you add a way to jump back to the top of a section or jump back to the main menu. Add 2 links after each topic (top) (menu) or something like that.

@dave1707 - you can use the back button for a lot of that

The back button works unless you look at a lot of other links. Then you have to backtrack thru everything.

Cool! Thanks a lot!

I found some mistakes. For example, the following link:

function setup()
print("Hello World!")

@Simeon Thank you for the great work.

@sanit I noticed at too. Must have been an error in the conversion script. The YAML files have the too, otherwise it would interpret it as the end/start of a string, and the script didn’t convert it.

@Simeon I just noticed that “top” was added to each function in the Reference. That makes it a lot easier to get back to the top of each chapter after jumping from link to link. Also tapping on Reference at the top of the chapter takes you back to the main menu. Thanks, that makes jumping around the reference a lot easier.

I’s swear I was going crazy. Vectors are missing from the documentation.