Codea crashes when loading a project from search

Since updating to ios7 codea crashes if I select the search button, add in a search term and select a project to load. If I don’t enter a search term and scroll to select the project then it loads fine. Similarly if I select the project from the project selection row it loads fine.

Anyone else experiencing this? I’m using an ipad 3.

@West, yup. If you click the arrow to open from the search it crashes, but if you select your project, close the search, and then open it the way you normally due it usually works fine

Odd… Nothing crashes for me. iPad 3, too. I can press anywhere with the search button and it works as it should. iOS 7.

@west .if this problem already gone through several versions, including past me to the version 5.1.1 ipad 1, until version 7.0.2 of others ipads.
tables are cleared, classes, now the search button problem .using air code. But I think this would fit fast, because it is a wonderful program codea.
this happens to some users, not all

I have the same issue. I tried wipeing my ipad and doing a freash install of io7, still have the problem. In the mean time I just use search select the project (not launch it) then launch outside of search

cool - thanks for the replies