Codea crash deletes tabs--suggestions how to recover?

I’m not sure what happened. I was working on my program via AirCode and had just gotten a feature working, so I figured it was a good time to go to lunch. As I was wrapping up things on my laptop, my side vision showed a blank screen where Codea had been running. It was hung, the lower left-hand buttons nonfunctional. I eventually had to kill it using the “x” wiggle dance. When I restarted and reentered Codea, about 80% of my program was gone. I rebooted the iPad2 itself but no change.

So the question now is, what have people used to recover files off an iPad (assuming they can be recovered)? My laptop’s running Windows 7. (You can lecture me about making backups later.)


If the files are still in Codea you can try to use iExplorer ( to look inside the project and copy them out manually. You could then recreate the tabs manually and copy the code over.

@John. OK, I’ve gotten iExplorer and it shows that the tabs/files are gone on the iPad2, so I’m trying to reconstruct them. I’ve built a file on the PC (Main.lua using Notepad++ running Windows 7) and copied it over to the iPad 2 using iExplorer. Codea isn’t recognizing it. There’s an XML file “Info.plist” in the same directory which appears to name the tabs in order, so I modified that to include Main but that didn’t work either. How can I get Codea to recognize the file? TIA.

@starblue, what happens when you rename the file to something other than Main then add that new name to the info.plist? If it recognizes that then you could select all and copy/paste over the main tab using Codea. I haven’t actually looked at the file structure myself, just tossing out ideas, hehe.

What you’re suggesting is just using a different name than “Main”. I don’t see any evidence that anything would happen differently. Main looks like any other file in the directory and in the Info.plist file.

@starblue, I understand it sounds like it won’t make a difference, but if Main didn’t work, the next logical step is to see if any other name will work. Main may be handled differently since every project requires a Main.

More investigation seems to reveal it’s iExplorer not copying files over to the iPad in the first place (despite appearances), because when I close and reopen iExplorer, what was supposedly copied over isn’t there anymore. I’ve got a query open with the iExplorer folks about it.

While waiting for a response from iExplorer, you could try another program like iFunBox. If this one doesn’t work as well, then it might have something to do with the directory, or just coincidence, lol. Hopefully @John will have some new insight soon.