Codea could use some new functions...

Consider these functions for the making, would you please?

@Simeon could you please make a sleep function for thread pauses?

@aurumcoder2624 - a sleep function doesn’t fit with an animation program whose main purpose is to redraw the screen 60times a second

There is an ingenious way to implement sleep though ask @JakAttak

@aurumcoder2624 - what, an empty while loop?

That’s mean. No, I meant an idea for what it is like

@aurumcoder2624 @Ignatz wasn’t being mean. What do you mean, an idea what is what like what?

Read above. And sorry @Ignatz I mistook u

@aurumcoder2624 the language of codea is lua. Lua manages threads with ‘coroutines’ (google it). These threads natively have the capability to start and pause. So if you want ‘threads you can pause’, it is already here!


SIMEON, IGNORE THIS IF YOU THINK THIS IRREVELENT but why don’t you guys have code for GUI? I say intro a new class, Pip, and make it handle GUI and that stuff. @Ignatz I am not trying to bother Simeon but it would be nice if we had GUI. Just Saying… 8-|

Like this…

P = Pip() --new GUI
P.title("Like this!") --GUI title
B = P.addButton("Exit", P.close()) --text, optional: function binding

See! Again @Ignatz I am not trying to bother Simeon!’ :-w

Or this

Q = P.addQuery() --adds entry box
T = P.addTBox() --adds textbox

So on, so on.

@aurumcoder2426 - you’re not the first to say this, @Mark has written a library called Cider to fill the gap.

Cider? What is Cider?

@aurumcoder2624 - try the little search box at top right of the page…

@aurumcoder2624 did you look at this: ? It is about what you want, i think… Scroll the thread up to see another screenshot.

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@NatTheCoder Why?

Custom font support would be good