Codea Compression

Hi! I made a map that is 4000 by 4000, but when I load it into Codea, it compresses it to 1024. Is there any way to stop this?



As far as I know, 1024 is the highest, but someone might have a workaround


I was fighting an issue. I created the images outside of code and injected them when my project was in Xcode. Retina displays did not like that. So I had to take my images post modified and import back into codea knowing it was going to change the size to get it to work.

That isn’t really what you are looking for but it might help you fight it later.

iOS’s max image size is 4096. If you did a 4000 pixel big image, on retina it would be 8000, which is way out of bounds.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

@SkyTheCoder 4096 non retina image would be a 2048 retina image.

@Luatee …?

My images in codea when made outside go from normal to half size when put in retina…