Codea Compitition v2

Yay! The second one is out! You can find it here.
Here is the text:

Compition #2
31/01/12 01:09
Hello again, 
It's about time for the second Codea competition. Last time, there was no real place to post the code. This time, I would prefer it if you sent me a private message on the Codea forums with the code in it. I would then post it on my website. That way you don't junk the forums with code. This will work until I work out a better way to do this.

1. Game section: PLANES! It must be a game related to planes.
2. Game Section: DIGGING! From mining to digging, etc.
3. Other section: Anything musical.

•Last competition, I had a lot of spinoffs of the ship avoiding asteroids example. I will be strait on with you this time: NO SPINOFFS.
•I will allow custom sprite packs and use of Spritely, but it must be relevant images.
•Code must be posted before February 19.
•The app must not crash Codea.
•You may submit updates of your app after you've submitted one.
•You may enter one price of code in each category.

1. Send me a private message on the Codea forums with the code. If you have a sprite pack, send me a link.
2. Wait for the results.
3. Congratulate the winner or yourself.
4. Do not have your hopes let down if you don't win. This is just my opinion. I lived every game last time, and I think I will this time.


@Ipda41001, @Mark, @Andrew_Sacey, @Ldsguy1, @Drablos, @MICHAEL, @Bortels, @Pelegrin, @Bri_G, @Fred, @ruilov - This is a call out to people who I think might like to compete or have previously competed.

Idk. I tried my idea and got no where.

I like the completions but what I feared would happen has, I started my plane thing, 1.3 came out and I’m engrossed in slowly learning it.

Possibly you could change it to a 1.3 showcase. There has been many small submissions from several people that show neat things with 1.3.

Also someone submitted pre-1.3, declare them the winner of that.

And @John is disqualified? :slight_smile:

@Ipda41001 - No one is disqualified. Even the TLL programers. About the 1.3 features, that’s why i added the musical section. :slight_smile: I was thinking that you could use mesh to simulate the exploding planes, or shoveling dirt, or physics in the flying dirt. IDK. It can be as basic as you want. It’s not all about the features or # of levels, but the concept (that’s why they called it Codea) and gameplay. And this is not aimed to be a competitive thing. That much.

@Ipda41001 Don’t worry about me, I’m too busy these days with adding more features to codea and getting crabitron out the door to enter comps.