Codea Competition #3 (Results done)

Hello again coders,
I kind of ditched the 2nd competition do to TLL’s competition. I was wishing that they would allow utility entry, but that would make sense in Codea Play, so I decided to host my own for modules/libraries and utilities. You can find the rules and how to enter into the competition
(Yes, I made this image from scratch myself)

So please got your entries in even if it’s just a calculator.
Thanks guys!

Is there a subject/topic/theme/etc.

@Ldsguy1 - Should I have one? I don’t think it’s necessary. TLL’s doesn’t…

Oh…good point…

@Ldsguy1 - Are you entering? I’d like to know. :slight_smile:

Uh…well see. I have to find time to code and to find sometime that I have time that my parents won’t think I’m wasting…(they have cracked down on that recently, not that coding is wasting time of corse)

I’d like to enter the competition. I already put a comment in my “unit converter” discussion.

I saw. Thanks. I’ll list the entry’s on a second. Or day…

Here are the current entries:
Unit coverer by @rashedlatif
Button Class by @Maxiking16
Zoom Library by @Herwig
I would still like more, so I’m moving the due date later.

Great job @rashedlatif, @maxiking16, and @Herwig… Results can be found here. Loved them all!

Already got the fourth one set up and ready. It’s based off the Codea 1.3.7 network API stuff and any other off subject multi media you’re good at making…