Codea Community and 2.3

Is anyone else having trouble with the upgrade and CC? It’s producing an error for the line:

comment = string.gsub(comment,"%*","\


It might be struggling with other bits too, I haven’t worked out how to recode this for lua 5.3 yet.

Is CC going to be updated? Or can someone help me whip it into shape?

@epicurus101 Try changing the "
\\\*" to "
*" . Remove the \\ on the other 2 lines following it. Then you need to change any string.gfind to string.gmatch. The program will try to run, but something else is wrong that I’m not going to try and figure out.

EDIT: I think that will fix the syntax errors, but apparently something else is wrong or the changes I suggested aren’t correct.

Thanks. This could be challenging!

@dave1707 that all works fine now, just from making your suggested changes. Thank you so much!