Codea capabilities

Hey everyone, there’s a game I like called Ascendency.
(Here’s a link if you don’t know what it is But there are some things I would like to change about it, and I was wondering if codea could be used to make a slightly altered version of it for personal use when I become more skilled at programming.

the 2 first screens are sure ok, but for the next ones, you would need a huge work, beyond a single person.

Why would I need more then one person to make a replica @Jmv38? I mean sure I understand it would be easier with more people, but given enough time couldn’t I still do what I intended?

The graphics mainly…you could probably simplify the game down to your mechanics and ui, but the 3d display and interaction will probably give you a ton of difficulty…but yes, a replica version can be done aha

So what you are saying @Invad3rZIM is. It can be done by myself, it’s just the 3d graphics that will give trouble. But if I was willing to put the effort in, I could give it 3d effects. Is that right?

@Progrmr235 - actually, I think the third screen is the easiest because it’s just a static image and text.

I think the first two screen grabs are probably harder because they involve placing symbols/icons in 3D space, but that’s not too difficult.

Basically, the graphics in this app are maps, scores and inter-player messaging, so as long as your player doesn’t have to actually fly around in 3D, I don’t think it’s too hard.

What do you mean ‘fly around in 3d’? @ignatz.

@Progrmr235 - I mean flying through a 3D landscape. Just showing a 3D map of planets or star systems is way easier.

So kinda like what the game is already like when you’re moving ships in star systems?

looking at a video of it, you’re going to have to understand 3D graphics to rotate the start and planet systems with your finger, how to touch objects in 3D, etc.

If you’re prepared to learn, it’s feasible, but you are going to have to learn a lot. And I wouldn’t start with a game this complex, but much simpler.

Ah, that kinda what I thought. I wasn’t however going to attempt to make this with my current skills @ Ignatz. Way to advanced as you said. No this was more an idea for a future time

I’d be just saying, but Codea is meant to be of creative means, so, I would advise you to tweak a little things in Ascendency. For the easier cause. :slight_smile:

@aurumcoder2624, that is the main reason I want to make a personal duplicate of ascendancy. It’s a great game, and there are a lot of thing I like about it. However I’d like to change a few thing such as make the AI better or add a few new pieces of tech to my version of it. Or possibly add a few new alien races to choose from.