Codea book (contributions needed)

There was recently a request for a book on Codea. I assume no one is going to have the time themselves to write a book, so I decided to start a project which many authors can write a section or chapter of the book. If you want to help, or want to change or add a section of the book, let me know.
Here is the link to view what I have so far (this will be updated according to what people edit):
PLEASE email me if you want to add/write a section of the book (as you see, I haven’t defined the sections in all the chapters) at zoyt12 (å†) gmail (dø†) com. PLEASE make sure it is from your Gmail account so I can give you editing access to the book. I’m not asking of much, but just a section to give back to the community.
P.S. @Simeon - If you want, I will transfer ownership of these documents to you if you would like.
P.P.S. Some people that might be interested - @Bortels, @Andrew_Stacey, @frosty, @Mark, @Xavier, @Reefwing, @Jmv38, and @Codeslinger.

@Zoyt - good idea, feel free to use any of the material from my tutes.

And mine

@Ignatz - Sorry, I was looking for your website, but couldn’t find it. Thanks guys!

Looks interesting, but I would never voluntarily use Google docs so I’ll watch from the sidelines. Also, I think that the book that I would write would be very different to what the rest of you would do.

@Andrew_Stacey - Would a pages file on DropBox do better? Out of,curiosity, what do y mean by different than the,way we would do it? Do you mean in terms of organization, content, or distribution?