Codea App Splash Screen

Question to the world: is there a way to take out the Codea Splashscreen that loads on every codea made AppStore or testflight app and simply put “made in codea” in the bottom right of the screen as a watermark? Or even just make it a brighter color scheme

I really don’t like the grayish Splashscreen (no offense @simeon). Thanks guys!! How could I edit that?

Just change all of the pictures that are the files with names that start with Default in you exported Xcode project, i.e. Default.png, Default-Landscape@2x~ipad.png, Default-Portrait~ipad.png, etc.

Thanks Sky, you’re the absolute best. Hard to believe someone so young can be so amazing at this kind of stuff ^.^

@SkyTheCoder just a quick question while we’re on the subject of XCode; why does the simulator request to enter the administrator info (it says for debugging)? If I hit cancel 10 times it lets me use the simulator, test my app, then leave, but when I renter xcode I get an error “disconnected from simulator” (or something similar to that). The question im getting to, is that if I enter the administrator stuff, will it enable a bunch of developer stuff on the computer or will it stay normal? Thanks