Codea and Dropbox images

Ok - sorry I’m a bit of a Nubie

I have been looking at the examples and some of them reference Dropbox for their images.

Can some one tell me how to get codea to reference the images ?


This an example of code…

function LoadImages()
–load objects from our library
images[“crateRed”]=readImage(“Cargo Bot:Crate Red 1”) --42x42
images[“crateBlue”]=readImage(“Cargo Bot:Crate Blue 3”) --42x42
images[“crateGreen”]=readImage(“Cargo Bot:Crate Green 2”) --42x42
images[“crateBrown”]=readImage(“Cargo Bot:Crate Yellow 1”) --42x42
images[“cloud1”]=readImage(“Platformer Art:Cloud 1”)
images[“cloud2”]=readImage(“Platformer Art:Cloud 2”)
images[“fence”]=readImage(“Platformer Art:Fence”) --70x70
images[“earth”]=readImage(“Platformer Art:Block Brick”) --70x70
images[“grassTop”]=readImage(“Platformer Art:Block Grass”) --70x70
images[“crateRed1”]=readImage(“Cargo Bot:Crate Red 1”) --42x42
–load the birds
local p={}

How do I get reference to the angrybirds in Dropbox?

You have to have AngryBirds in your Dropbox folder. What’s in your Dropbox fold isn’t in anyone else’s Dropbox folder and anything in someone else’s Dropbox folder isn’t in yours. Only the sprites that come with the Codea can be accessed by everyone.

Ok thanks Dave1707 - so how do we get the images? Are you saving you have to copy the images into your own Dropbox?

Yes. You have to get the images not provided by Codea yourself. Sometimes the author of the program will provide a link or the images for you to copy to your Dropbox.