Codea a subset of Lua or Lua a subset of Codea?

I am still confused ~X( about:

Is Codea a subset of Lua or is Lua a subset of Codea?
If I buy a “How To xxxx Lua” book - do the examples in the book work in Codea?

Codea is built on top of Lua, to make it work on the iPad, and to provide OpenGL graphics. Lua doesn’t have those things, being a scripting language.

I’ve written a Lua ebook specially for you, here. Everything in it works in Codea, and it covers Codea-specific enhancements like classes.

Thank you! I allready printed it from :-bd
I love the big font :-B

@Dado Keep checking it as @Ignatz updates and adds to it frequently.

@Ignatz - top class job, well done!

Thank you, it’s a pleasure to give something back after all the help I’ve had.

My daughter asked me to translate it into German … I won’t do it … she needs to improve her English (top grades in math and physics but languages :-q ). I had my
problems (and still have) with English too. She looks forward to the phyton summercamp I signed her in - strange girl … thats my girl :x

I have three daughters, and they are all completely different. Unfortunately, none of them loves to code. :frowning:

Mine told me at 7 pm that she has to write a paper about New York for tomorrow X(
Now 10 pm I know more about the five boroughs of New York than I ever wanted …
I HATE children!

Obviously she’s past the cute stage.

14 year old girls are called everything but cute by their parents…

@DaDo - your not alone, trying to get my 13 yr old daughter to do her homework is also a mammoth task.

I’ve also got an 8 yr old daughter who’s obsessed with my iPad, I’m trying to get her started on basic coding principals using the “Hopscotch” & “Daisy The Dinosaur” apps, I think the 13yr old just see’s this kind of stuff as “too geeky”, although apparently her school are looking to use GreenFoot ( as an environment to introduce Java next term.

I’ve tried on several occasions to get my 15yr old son interested in programming, but he seems more interested in playing games on his XBox than making them in GameMaker, although with his current workload for his exams I don’t want to push him too hard.