Codea 2 ETA?

Hi there,

I’ve been wondering when music and sound management would be integrated to Codea, and I was thrilled when I saw version 2 was announced with support to this feature. Do we have any estimated date of app store submission at all or is it still non-public information?

@Rodolphe - everyone is working hard on it, still a few bugs, hard to say

Thanks @Ignatz!

Is it more likely to be out in closer to a week or closer to a year? Can you give some kind of estimate please?

I’d say weeks but I’m only guessing. As soon as the bugs stop coming.

Do you have any kind of beta test program?

@Eccfcco15 - yes, there are beta testers selected by the developers, that’s what’s happening right now

@Eccfcco15 As long as we keep finding problems, then the developers have to fix them before releasing the code. It’s better to have clean code then have it released with bugs.

@dave1707, @Ignatz, indeed. That said, the second he pushes out an update where we can’t find any bugs, it should be released.

Goodness knows, I’m waiting for it with great anticipation for my own project. I’m a little worried that the changes mean I’ll have a lot of code refactoring to do.

Overall, I’m excited.

@athros - I don’t think you’ll have much refactoring, it’s mostly enhancements

@Ignatz - Thank you for the information!

Codea 2.0 : Waiting for review

EEEEK So excited, thanks for hard work guys

Fantastic! Really looking forward to trying the new features

hopefully it will come out of review in a week when I get my iPad back, looking forward to it.

thank u TLL!!! So excited!

I hope Codea v2 will be universal. Coding on an iPhone/iPod though as not as comfortable as using an iPad, it’s still possible and fun too. :slight_smile:

@bee - Sorry, it’s not universal.

awesome and congratz. now I can stop lurking everyday reading the codea commits twitter feed.