Codea 2.3.2 is out!

If you’re a beta-tester, you need to redownload it manually.

If not, go grab it, there’s some very nice new features.

The new version hasn’t show up for me yet. Guess I’ll keep my beta version for now.

@dave1707 search for in the purchased apps

You’ll need to download It again

@erickyamato Thanks for the info. That’s not what I was expecting. I was looking under updates where I see the updates for all the other apps. I remember one other time where the update was on the update page and I had to redownload the old version over the beta version and then download the update over the old version. This time it was a lot easier.

Best things for me so far:
The voices!
The xtra keyboard bar is gone, and normal copy/paste works again!

@dave1707 I’ll try to address this in the next beta (i.e have it clean up your spare folder). Not sure how it got left behind.

@Simeon I updated from the beta to the latest version and I still have 2 Dropbox folders. One has all my files in it, the other is empty. Even if I do a sync, it’s still empty.

@Jmv38 can you explain more about the keyboard functions needing a delay?

great update, thanks!
Some documentation seems to be missing: the list of language strings for instance. I found “en” for ‘english’ by trial and errors

function setup()
    print("Hello World!")
    speech.language = "en"
    speech.say("hello world")

apparently there are 38 voices, labeled from 1 to 38. And each seem to be associated to a different langage, and override the speech.langage setting. Am i correct?
[edit] Here is the list I was asking for above:

1 ar-SA
2 cs-CZ
3 da-DK
4 de-DE
5 el-GR
6 en-AU
7 en-GB
8 en-IE
9 en-US
10 en-ZA
11 es-ES
12 es-MX
13 fi-FI
14 fr-CA
15 fr-FR
16 fr-FR
17 he-IL
18 hi-IN
19 hu-HU
20 id-ID
21 it-IT
22 ja-JP
23 ko-KR
24 nl-BE
25 nl-NL
26 no-NO
27 pl-PL
28 pt-BR
29 pt-PT
30 ro-RO
31 ru-RU
32 sk-SK
33 sv-SE
34 th-TH
35 tr-TR
36 zh-CN
37 zh-HK
38 zh-TW
function setup()
    local list = {}
    for k,v in pairs(speech.voices) do
        speech.voice  = v
        txt = tostring(k).." "..speech.language
    print(table.concat(list, "\
    speech.voice = speech.voices[16]

some of the keyboard functions need a delay now (top row) or then dont show, or some other character shows (eg: = turns into .)

@Jmv38 I deliberately did not list the languages in the docs because I suspect they might change depending on OS version and locale of the device

@Jmv38 - if you look at the built in reference for speech, it has a code example just like yours

Note to anyone: if you feel like supporting Codea, please leave a review on the App Store for it — or update your old review for the new version.

@simeon try typing any text quickly and tap the = key on top right at the same pace: no reaction. You have to wait half a second for this key to become active. Not the same for () which reacts instantly. ipad air 1, ios 9.x (current version).

review updated!

Thank you for the clarification @Jmv38. I’ll have to look again at what in iOS changed which causes the keyboard to react slower.

@Simeon The top row of the keyboard is the same thing that I mentioned long time ago. You have to wait for a fraction of a second or else the top row doesn’t respond. On my iPad Air, it’s every top key.

I think I first noticed that issue when 3rd party keyboards became allowed in iOS 8.

Updated my review.

@dave1707 I thought it was the same issue, but just found it odd that the parentheses key () reacted instantly for @Jmv38.

@yojimbo2000 it’s definitely tied to that iOS update!

@Simeon For me, every top row key doesn’t respond unless I wait for a fraction of a second.