Codea 2.2 Released

Let me know what you think!

The performance should be all back to normal with this release.

New speech API + example project that is pretty fun to play with.

Some little additions such as a “COPY” button on forum posts containing code snippets (if you browse from the Codea Talk button in the app).

Hey @Simeon, is there any way to change Codea’s Siri voice?

I love it @Simeon

tho at first look, the speech uses your system language, so you can’t use it to use it universally, as not all people will want to change their system languages to English just for 1 app or so

But I still love it :slight_smile:

@stevon8ter @CodeaNoob I have a planned API to let you set the voice of an utterance based on a language code (e.g., en_US). That should make it into a future update.

YAAAAAAY!!! I can keep track of my battery life while using the editor now :smiley:

edit: spoke too soon. it’s only in the built-in browser that I can see the time and battery life :frowning: [-(

Sorry @matkatmusic, I’m unsure that it will ever be part of the editor (in order to maximise screen space while typing). Though perhaps only while the keyboard is down? I’ll have to think about it some more.

@Simeon I’m looking forward to see how codea evolves any further :slight_smile: I’d like to thank you and the whole TLL team for making and mantaining this amazing app :slight_smile:

@simeon I use a bluetooth keyboard, so that screen real estate problem is non-existant for me.

Why not put battery life on the TwoLivesLeft About screen?

@simeon I think I found a bug, when using fullscreen no buttons, and using the 2 finger double-tap, the buttons don’t return, they only return when leaving and returning codea, or when 4 finger swiping up (so that you get the current running processes screen) and then tap codea again. Swiping the left side also seems to have the same problem.

edit: posted this on the issue tracker, tho there’s no 2.2 version select yet, so I just selected 2.1

@stevon8ter that is actually by design now. We removed the triple-tap escape sequence in favour of closing and opening the app to exit FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS mode.

Here’s the relevant thread:

@Simeon ah ok, I’ve seen the thread and I thought it was going to be an option, but it makes sense now, thanks for clarifying

@Simeon - new version is excellent, thank you for all your hard work. However there is one graphical issue outstanding.

If you change the values for WIDTH & HEIGHT prior to running setup (so as to fake different sized devices for universal app development) then the new values don’t seem to get picked up properly.

If you press the reset button in the lower left then the new values are correct the second (and subsequent) time round.

@Simeon that’s awesome! Very good job man! I loved it!

@matkatmusic Why don’t you just open Notification Center to check the time and your battery? That’s what I do, and it works fine.

@Simeon Cool update. Maybe next update well see some program in background features? eh? eh?

Thank you! Very pleased with the update and particularly the restoration of performance

Cool. Just downloaded and ran the update. @Simeon you remember that code issue you fixed for me with iOS7 and landscape mode in Codea 2.1, we this time in Codea 2.2 it goes straight into that issue. I’ll use the code like you showed me for the landscape mode, but it would be great to know what to use going forwards as you said it was a quick hack.

the hack worked well btw! Thank you

Also I’m using


and yet it still swings back round to Landscape if I rotate the screen. Has the code changed now to ensure it stays one way?


@Majormorgan yes, when you reported that bug to me Codea 2.2 was already in review with Apple. The review process can weeks, so it was not possible to fix in time for Codea 2.2 (which had long been finalised).