Codea 2.1 Deleting Tabs?

Hi guys. So today when I added a dependecy to a project thats over 20 tabs and ran it for the first time, I found a blank screen. So I go back to the editor and find that all of the tabs but 3 are gone. :-/ Thankfully I have had redundent copies and backups so my hundred hours of work isnt thrown overboard. But whats going on?!

@Goatboy76 You aren’t using saveProjectTab("TabName", nil) anywhere? That line of code can delete tabs if you’re not careful.

Otherwise that could be a significant issue: please let me know if you are able to reproduce it.

@Simeon I haven’t used that anywhere in my project. I’m in the process of getting the lost progress back and then I’ll try and reproduce it.

@Goatboy76 the dependency didn’t use it either?

@Simeon No, non of the other dependencies did either. I didn’t know that you could do that until now.

I have this problem also very often. I write some lines with Air Code and suddenly if I refresh the pages, there are only 3,4,5 tabs, but the rest is gone.

@Stoneberger I suspect this might have to do with the project’s info not being saved into the filesystem properly. The files should still be on your iPad (i.e., if you look in iExplorer or a similar app) but I suspect the info.plist in the project directory did not get a chance to record the buffer ordering. I will look into this and see if I can reproduce.

@Stoneberger & @Goatboy76 What devices are you using?

@Simeon The classes are not still on the iPad. I have looked there last time.

I’m using a iPad Air

@Simeon iPad 4th gen